The Non-Diet Approach & Intuitive Eating

Become an intuitive eater and make peace with food and your body. No cutting out your favourite foods, no going without and no dieting. The non-diet approach can help you with:

  • Establishing a healthy relationship with food and your body
  • General health & fitness
  • Stopping Yoyo dieting
  • Non-hungry eating
  • Emotional or binge eating
  • Increased energy levels
  • High cholesterol, blood sugar or impaired glucose tolerance
  • Any diet related medical condition
Zoe Nicholson - Melbourne's Leading Dietitian

Zoe Nicholson
One of Australia's leading dietitians, featured on:

Zoe Nicholson
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Forget the latest fad, forget trying to be "clean", "paleo" or "sugar free", forget diet foods, forget shakes & juices; instead discover a world where food is just food and you can let go of worry and anxiety. Preoccupation with food and your body can eat up so much of your life. It’s time to change.

Dietians in MelbourneIdentify and manage food intolerance

Zoe has been working as a food intolerance dietitian for over 12 years, helping people with the RPAH (or failsafe) elimination diet and FODMAPs now accounts for around half her full time practice.


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*Intuitive Eating



“I just want to feel normal around food!”


This is something we commonly hear from our clients when they first come to see us. Our aim is to help you achieve this.

Heal your relationship with food and reconnect with the pleasure of eating. Heal your relationship with your body and reconnect with life!

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At love what you eat, accredited practising dietitians Zoe Nicholson and Kerrie Hill will help you get off the dieting merry-go-round and help you reconnect with your appetite in order to nourish your body well and rediscover the pleasure of eating. Through this process you’ll be able let go of any food anxiety or guilt, feel better in your body and discover what it means to be truly healthy. No cutting our your favourite foods, no going without and no dieting. At love what you eat, we use the Non-Diet Approach and Intuitive Eating to help you take care of the health of your body and live a more fulfilling life.


*Melbourne dietitian

Diets are not only ineffective as you nearly always regain the weight, they are now a known a risk factor for long-term weight gain. In addition, they actually damage your health, both mentally and physically. Any food or calorie restriction to intentionally lose weight is a form of dieting.


Our dietitians work within the Health at Every Size® (HAES) paradigm.

Our philosophy is this…

  • A positive attitude to food is more important than always striving to make the “right” food choice
  • Reconnect with your internal signals of hunger, fullness and satisfaction
  • Establish and nurture a healthy relationship with food, eating and your body
  • Reconnect with food, practice eating with mindfulness and you can enjoy all food
  • Choose from a variety of foods and no one food type need be restricted



Forget the latest fad, forget trying to be “clean” or “sugar free”,
forget diet foods, forget shakes & juices.

In the words of Evelyn Tribole R.D.
(and a spin off from Michael Pollan)

“Enjoy eating food, not too much, not too little, mostly what satisfies you!”



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healthy eating

  • Healthy eating encompasses listening to our appetite and eating food that satisfies us when we feel hungry and being able to recognise when we’ve eaten enough.
  • Healthy eating is the mindful enjoyment of any type of food without needing to worry about calories or body weight.
  • Healthy eating is also sharing food with others over a meal, celebration or just to keep someone company.
  • Healthy eating is sometimes eating fruit and sometimes eating sweets.
  • Healthy eating includes sometimes eating when not hungry and sometimes eating more than you need.
  • But most of all, healthy eating is having a positive attitude to food and eating where there is enough nutritional variety but also where food can be eaten purely for the joy of eating!

In this e-book, Accredited Practising Dietitian & Nutritionist, and co-founder of The Moderation Movement, Zoe Nicholson, explains why diets don’t work, that there are no “bad” foods, and offers practical tips to help you begin your Intuitive Eating journey. Click the banner to purchase your copy today!


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Our mission

To help you stop dieting, help you rediscover the pleasure in eating and to nurture a healthy relationship with food and your body.


Do you suspect you have food intolerances?

Gastrointestinal health is a special interest of ours and we help people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), fructose malabsorption, FODMAP intolerance, Coeliac Disease, lactose intolerance and natural food chemical sensitivity (salicylates, amines, glutamate).


Zoe has been helping people with the RPAH (or failsafe) elimination diet for over 11 years and this now accounts for around half her full time practice. Click RPAH elimination diet for more information. Kerrie has also been trained in using the RPAH elimination diet and has Zoe as a mentor to provide you the best possible assistance with the elimination and food challenge process.


Is your gut bothering you?

Or do you think you may have fructose malabsorption?


Zoe, Kerrie and Nina have been fully trained in identifying and managing FODMAP issues (includes fructose malabsorption). Zoe spent 8 years co-ordinating the Melbourne based fructose malabsorption support groups and has developed a number of FODMAP resources that are used by a number of dietitians around Australia. We will also provide you low FODMAP recipes and meals plans (on request). Click here for FODMAPs.


Get quality nutritional advice from Melbourne’s expert dietitians

A qualified dietitian (APD) can help you with all your nutrition questions, from general daily needs to detailed advice for specific health conditions. At love what you eat, we use The Non-Diet Approach, Intuitive Eating and Medical Nutrition Therapy to ensure you receive scientifically proven advice. Read more about our services and the rates we offer at love what you eat.



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Only by changing the way you approach weight loss, can you really start to manage your eating habits better.