Intuitive Eating (non-diet approach) consultation

When we ask our clients how they felt after their first session, the most common responses we hear are feeling liberated and relieved, along with how powerful the permission to eat whatever they feel like is.

During your first consultation we will explore your experience with food and eating and how you feel about your body (see body image for more information). We will take a look at your current relationship with food and body and help you understand why any past dieting, calorie restriction or counting, or anything you might have tried to help manage your weight is actually part of the problem and not the solution.

We will discuss what intuitive eating is and give you a good sense of what is involved in the process. You will be provided with some valuable tools and resources to start you on your journey to healing your relationship with food and body and becoming an intuitive eater. For many, the process starts with appetite work and challenging diet mentality (how you’ve been taught to think about food).

During the review consultations, we will work through the intuitive eating principles (this includes nutrition), explore the power of self compassion, start to address your body image concerns and tackle each struggle you face. We don’t sell a package of sessions as experience has taught us these often aren’t the best approach when it comes to truly healing your relationship with food and body. For example, if people find they are not as ready as they thought and they need to take a break from sessions, then you are not locked in to a program you can’t commit to. The number of sessions a person needs varies from one or two, to many, however most people have at least 5-6 sessions in the first 2-3 months.

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Food intolerance and gut issues consultation

During your first consultation, we will do a thorough history and assessment to help identify which food sensitivity you may have, or if you are likely to be food sensitive.

We take a look at your current eating (you can keep a food diary for 3-4 days if you like), otherwise we will gather the information we need in the session and this helps guide us as to whether you need to do a full elimination diet or if just making a few changes may be enough to reduce food triggers.

For the first phase of the elimination process (3-4 weeks), you will be provided with all the necessary information, along with recipes, food ideas and tips for how to complete the elimination diet. We are available between sessions via email or text if you have any questions about the process.

For the second phase (6-8 weeks), the food challenge phase, you will require a review appointment and will explain how the food challenges work and provide you will all the necessary information. Again, we are available between sessions via email or text if you have any questions.

The third and final phase is where we show you how to test your tolerance to your identified food sensitivities with the aim to get you back to as normal eating as possible.

As people who love their food, Kerrie and I truly understand how frustrating it can when you can’t eat certain foods and we want you to be able to eating as freely as possible, especially when eating out or with friends.

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Specific nutrition advice

If you already have a sound relationship with food and you’re looking for more specific advice for any of the following – high cholesterol, high blood sugar, diabetes, vegetarian or vegan eating or nutrition for pregnancy – then we will likely do a computerised nutritional analysis in your first session.

Through this analysis, you’ll be able to see what you can improve on and together we will discuss the ways you can do this. Your nutritional analysis can be emailed to you.

We take the approach of starting with what you could add into your diet rather than what you might think you should take out.

We also aim to make any changes as easy as possible to implement into your everyday life.

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