Love What You Eat Services & Rates

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Initial consultation
(50-60 minutes)
Non-Diet Approach/Intuitive Eating/Eating Disorders (these address weight concern) General Nutrition/Pregnancy/Vegetarian/Diabetes/High Cholesterol/Energy Levels
Initial consultation food intolerance/gut issues
(60 minutes)
RPAH elimination diet, FODMAPs, IBS, Coeliac Disease and other gut related issues – includes recipes, product assistance and email support
Couples/2 person initial consultation
(80 - 90 minutes)
- Non-Diet Approach/Intuitive Eating - General Nutrition/Vegetarian-Vegan eating
Standard review consultation
(30 minutes)
The number of sessions varies from person to person, but 4-6 in the first 2-3 months is fairly typical
Food intolerance review consultation
(30 minutes)
Sessions are usually every 3-6 weeks
Extended review consultations
(45 minutes)
all consultation types, or if you saw Zoe or Kerrie between 1-2 years ago and it's for help with the same issue
You do not need a referral to make an appointment. If you are eligible for the Medicare rebate ($55.10 per session), you will need a care plan from your GP, see further information below under Medicare and Private Health rebates.

Medicare and Private Health Rebates

Love What You Eat accepts referrals (EPC plans) through the Medicare Benefits Scheme as provided through your general practitioner. The address for the care plan is Love What You Eat, Yarraville, 3013.

If you are eligible for the Medicare rebate ($60.34 per session), you will need a care plan from your GP. Usually eligibility requires a complex health issue where you need at least two people in your care team in addition to your GP. If you have an eating disorder, or think you may have one, please speak to your GP and you may be eligible for the eating disorders care plan ($60.34 per session). Claims can be done easily online through your MyGov account.

Costs may be claimable with private health insurance ‘extras’ cover. All claims can be done easily online.

Pension and HCC rates available

Pension holders and health care card holders pay $180 for initial consultations (excluding RPAH elimination diet and food intolerance) and $100 for standard consultations.
Pension holders and health care card holders pay $220 for initial RPAH elimination diet/food intolerance (including FODMAPs) consultations and standard consultations are $130.


Failure to attend an arranged appointment is unfair to other patients and your practitioner’s time and business, so please provide 24 business hours notice if you are unable to make a scheduled appointment. For Monday appointments, please let us know by the Friday before hand. Notifying us of your need to cancel with less than 24 hours notice will incur a fee of $55 for standard appointments and $95 for initial appointments. Failure to notify us of your wish to cancel, or less than 4 hours notice, will incur the full fee of the appointment.

We understand that in exceptional circumstances, this may not be possible, and we are always happy to make exceptions at such times.

Cards accepted

We accept payment via direct deposit, credit cards and EFTPOS. Payment is to be made on the day of your consultation.

If you live in Australia, payments are best made by credit card or direct deposit. PayPal is for overseas clients and the slightly higher prices are inclusive of the PayPal fees.

Payment via PayPal
Consultation type