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At love what you eat we understand the pleasure of eating and drinking and thrive on showing you how manage your health without having to miss out on favourite foods or live on carrot sticks and lettuce leaves!


healthy eating for men
Can chips and beer be part of a healthy diet?

A: Yes

I write this knowing I’m at the risk of stereo typing men, but I love chips and beer too! Both beer and chips contain nutrients, especially hot chips. They are not unhealthy and I strongly believe his type of pleasure, especially when enjoyed with others, is fundamental to our overall sense of well-being and therefore health. In fact I am enjoying a lovely dark ale with some chippies as I type this!

Provided you are nourishing your body adequately, all types of food (and drinks) can have a place in a healthy diet. The ability to enjoy all things in moderation is a sign of a healthy relationship with food. A healthy relationship with food is fundamental to maintaining a healthy diet.

A common trap people fall into is cutting out all the “bad stuff” (note – there is no bad food) and then finding themselves in a situation where they would like to have some the food they are trying to avoid. When this happens, a common experience people have is the “what the hell” effect. You decide you’ll partake in the food on that occasion, but then restrict again tomorrow, this often results in going overboard as you experience the “last supper effect” – having as much as you can now, as who knows when you’ll have it again! Moderation is out the window.

healthy eating for men

Fast facts!

• Sit ups don’t do much for changing your stomach appearance and a “wash board” stomach is NOT a requirement for health.

• Nourishing your body well and being active can improve your cholesterol without having to forgo the pleasure of good food, good wine (or beer) and good company!

• Research shows that learning to eat intuitively and building physical activity into your daily life is the best way to achieve and maintain good health

• More fibre in your diet can improve your cholesterol and boost your immunity

• Two weekly servings of oily fish, like salmon, can lower LDL (bad) cholesterol by 20%

• You can beat high cholesterol with diet and exercise and get off the medications


DID YOU KNOW that a dietitian can also help you manage stress, fatigue and those grumbling stomach pains, bloating and excess wind.

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