When people feel better within themselves, they are more motivated and productive. By educating your employees in what it really means to take care of the health of their bodies, you could increase the morale and productivity of your staff. Likewise, if you run a fitness club, providing your members with sound healthy eating and nutrition advice is essential to helping your members feel good in their bodies both mentally and physically. 

Imagine the benefits to your business!   

A word from us…

A most rewarding feature of our work is giving presentations to small and large groups on various aspects of what it actually means to eat well and manage health. Over the past 17 years, Zoe and Kerrie have done numerous such presentations and always receive wonderful feedback from participants who find the talks informative, motivational and enlightening! 

Key Topics

The Non-diet Approach & Intuitive Eating

Why dieting doesn’t work
– why it’s not only ineffective, but it actually damages health and leads to weight gain

– what constitutes dieting and could you be dieting without realising it?
– explanation of why weight loss is only ever short term and why many people end up heavier
– why people can be “overweight” and healthy

Intuitive Eating – what it is and the increasing evidence that intuitive eating (IE) can significantly improve health long-term

– how IE allows people to eat in a way that is enjoyable and sustainable
– how IE allows people to feel good in their bodies and about their bodies
– includes a mindful eating and hunger awareness exercise

Body Image – how this is the biggest road block for most people when it comes to health and why it must be addressed for people to have a healthy relationship with food, their body, and ultimately life. We live in a thin obsessed culture where at least 50% of women and increasingly men, are dissatisfied with their bodies. Body image must be acknowledged and addressed for people to not only look after their health, but to live their life more fully.

Topics cont…
Food Fads
Recognising and understanding current food fads and trends such as Keto, fasting, sugar-free, low carb and whatever the latest “superfood” craze is.
We explore why these trends come about, why people think they work and what the alternative is, if you are not jumping on board the latest trend. We introduce the concept of intuitive eating as a better way to manage health.

How to beat stress and boost health

We will explore what stress is, how it can impact health and the many factors in our lives that influence stress. We also explore where nutrition fits in when it comes to stress and what people can change to help manage stress. The workshop will also cover how dieting, weight concern or poor body image influence the body’s stress response and the importance of addressing this.

Presentations run for 45-60 minutes with additional question time and can be face-to-face, or via Zoom. We encourage listeners to ask questions throughout the talk as this allows a more interactive experience that really engages the audience. Listeners love the opportunity to ask questions and having the actual facts explained to them provides something useful to take home.   

Each presentation also involves an activity to stimulate and motivate the audience. Summary sheets for participants to take home are available for each topic.

If you are interested in a particular topic not listed, presentations can be designed on request.

Please email Zoe through the booking enquiry to discuss topics, availability and costs.


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