Discover optimal health and wellbeing by visiting our Non-Diet Approach dietitian, Kerrie Hill

At Figureate, our team of accredited practising dietitians are passionate about health and nutrition. We believe that you can achieve your health goals without going on a diet or sacrificing your favourite food.

We use the Non-Diet Approach to help you change your eating habits and mindset around food so you can feel confident in eating what is right for your body to achieve long-term health and wellness. Located in the Sunshine Coast, Kerrie will work closely with you at our Maroochydore clinic to help you achieve a ‘better way of life’ and feel confident and comfortable in your mind and body.

Turn to our Sunshine Coast dietitian for professional nutritional advice

Our accredited dietitian, Kerrie Hill can help people of all ages achieve their health goals, assisting you with the Non-Diet Approach and food intolerances such as FODMAPs (fructose malabsorption) and the RPAH elimination diet for food chemical intolerance. Kerrie can also help you manage heart disease, high cholesterol, glucose intolerance, diabetes and much more.

Expert nutritional advice from Maroochydore’s Non-Diet Approach dietitian Kerrie Hill

Start on your journey to optimal health and wellness by visiting Figureate’s dietitians at our Maroochydore clinic today. Contact Kerrie on 0407 563 700, or make a booking online now.


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