Our dietitians can help you with:

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  • Essential healthy eating

  • Nutrition for pregnancy

  • Vegetarian/Vegan eating

  • Diabetes & IGT (pre-diabetes)

  • High cholesterol

  • Nutrition for the active person

  • Muscle building & weight gain

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If you’re curious to know if your typical eating pattern is providing adequate nutrition, or simply allowing you to feel as energised as possible, our dietitians can take a detailed look at your current eating and using a nutritional analysis program, provide guidance on how to get the most out of your diet in terms of nutrition, appetite and taste satisfaction. Your nutritional analysis can provide macro and micronutrient breakdowns, a ratio of the types of fat in your diet, dietary fibre intake and will help identify if you have any nutritional inadequacies.

Any nutritional advice we give based on the analysis is done in the context of a the Non-Diet Approach to help foster a healthy relationship with food and ensure dietary changes are pleasurable and sustainable. 

Please note that while this is available to everyone, we do not offer this as part of the Non-Diet or Intuitive Eating approach until you have reached a point where your relationship with food and body is sound, and then we would only complete an analysis if there is a clear need to do so.

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If you are pregnant, or thinking about becoming pregnant, there are a number of dietary considerations you need to be aware of. At love what you eat, we will discuss all these with you and show you how to ensure your diet is optimal for the development of your unborn child and for yourself.

Our love what you eat dietitians use the Non-Diet Approach to help ensure you’re eating in a way that not only supports your pregnancy, but that is also pleasurable and sustainable. The skills you learn with this approach are also exactly what you need to foster healthy eating behaviours in your children.

If post baby, you experience difficulty with your pelvic floor muscles or you are interested in personal training suitable for new mums, love what you eat can refer you to mishfit mothers who specialise in individual and group personal training.

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grilled figs with ricotta and a drizzle of honey on fruit toast BEING A HEALTHY VEGETARIAN/VEGAN

It is not difficult to get all your nutrition as a vegetarian. It is a little trickier for vegan’s, but still very doable.

It is unlikely you will not be getting enough protein unless you are vegan and don’t eat legumes, tofu or nuts.

Chances are you will be getting enough protein, iron, zinc and vitamin B12 provided you regularly eat eggs, dairy (or soy alternatives), tofu/tempeh, legumes/lentils, nuts/seeds, dark green leafy vegetables and vitamin C rich foods with most meals.

We can help you develop an eating pattern to ensure you include all these foods. We can use a computer analysis program to calculate your intake of protein, iron, zinc and any other nutrients you may be concerned about.

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The recommended diet for people with diabetes is exactly the same as what is recommended for the rest of the healthy adult population.

A normal healthy diet encourages a reduction in highly processed food and adequate consumption of whole foods such as fruit, vegetables, legumes, whole-grains and protein foods. We use Mediterranean diet principles along with mindful eating and appetite regulation to ensure your eating behaviours are appropriate for managing your diabetes and also enjoyable!

We can also help you address any weight concerns. Click non-diet approach for love what you eat’s approach.

If you have been diagnosed with impaired glucose tolerance (IGT) or high insulin and been told by your doctor that you are at risk of diabetes, you can prevent diabetes with the right lifestyle and dietary changes.

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For most people, a few simple changes to your eating habits can significantly improve your cholesterol profile.  We use Mediterranean diet principles along with mindful eating and appetite regulation to ensure your eating behaviours are appropriate for managing your cholesterol and also enjoyable!

If you have a genetic predisposition to high cholesterol and your cholesterol is quite high, your doctor may recommend medication. However, there are usually a number of dietary changes you can make that may mean you can improve your cholesterol without medication.

And we believe you can manage your cholesterol and still enjoy some good cheese!

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If you do a high level of physical activity, we can give you simple and practical nutrition tips to get more out of your training and help you exercise at your maximum capacity.

It often only takes a few simple changes to your eating to provide you that extra energy to meet your energy demands so you get more out of your workout.

Zoe worked for two years as the dietitian for the VFL Williamstown football club, working with the players to increase their strength, endurance and overall performance.



If you are struggling to build muscle or gain weight, then we can show you just how many extra kilojoules (energy from food) you need to eat and provide simple and practical tips on how to do this.

The emphasis will be on eating more kilojoules from food to avoid spending money on expensive, and often unnecessary, protein powders.

We will also ensure your training regime matches your increased food intake so you gain mostly muscle and avoid gaining excess body fat.

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Our mission 

“To help you stop dieting, help you rediscover the pleasure in eating and to nurture
a healthy relationship with food and your body”