Your private consultation will focus on your specific and individual needs. Part of what makes our approach different from what you may have tried in the past, is that we will ensure the dietary changes are:

1.Food you enjoy eating (no “diet” foods necessary)

2.Food you can buy easily from your usual shops

3.Food the whole family or your partner will also want to eat

4.Able to fit in with your work, family and social life

We are happy to provide you with delicious and easy to make meal ideas, recipes and snacks.

Private consultations are 45 – 60 minutes for one person and we also offer couples consults for 60 – 90 minutes. 

Click Non-Diet Approach to read more.

Seeking help for possible food intolerance?

In the first consultation, we will determine which intolerance needs investigating and refer you for any necessary testing.  You will be started on the appropriate elimination diet and be provided with recipes and food ideas to help you manage the diet. Food challenges will be commenced once your symptoms have settled to determine the actual cause and so you don’t need to restrict certain foods long-term. Click food intolerance to read more.

Struggled to get results in the past?

If this is you, then you have come to right place. At love what you eat, our preferred approach, the non-diet approach, is very different from most other weight loss programs. There are no meal plans, food diaries, no need to weigh food or restrict certain foods. We encourage more relaxed social eating, so you can still enjoy eating out with friends or special occasions without feeling restricted or guilty around food choices.  Please click on the non-diet approach to learn more. We continually hear from our clients, that it is this flexible approach that makes the process so much more doable.