Butter, margarine or… Olive oil!

19th June, 2014

Do you worry about using margarine because of its processing or butter because of the saturated fats?

The solution is simple… Just use extra virgin olive oil! If you haven’t tried drizzling olive oil over your toast, I challenge you to try it. It even works with vegemite.

I am a convert since reading about all the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet and first trying it a month ago. My partner and several of my clients are now doing it too and delighting in the taste and the fact they are putting powerful nutrition into their bodies!

Of course there are other healthy spreads such as nut spreads and avocado (also great with vegemite), but avocado can be expensive (and go brown quickly) and won’t keep as long. 

So go on, give it try today! I suggest using a dense grainy or rye type sourdough toast and a good quality EV olive oil which you’ll find in any deli or food market (I prefer to keep the supermarket stuff for cooking).

I would love to hear from you as to whether or not you enjoyed it, so please send me a message/post on Facebook www.facebook.com/love what you eat

Extra virgin olive oil - Australian is best!
Extra virgin olive oil – Australian is best!