10 things you need to take care of your health

28th September, 2016

Good news! You don’t need to consume charcoal, love kale, enter a hardcore fitness challenge or deny yourself yummy food…

10 fundamental things that will help you take care of your health

  • Access to adequate food and water
  • Basic food preparation and cooking skills and facilities (or someone who can do this for you)
  • A place to live or that provides adequate shelter and clothing
  • A safe environment
  • Adequate sleep, rest and relaxation
  • A sense of belonging and acceptance
  • Meaningful relationships with other people
  • To feel valued in your community and/or workplace
  • To move your body in ways you enjoy and that feel good
  • A sense of purpose

and 10 things you don’t need…

  • To follow a special diet promoted by a “wellness guru”
  • To look like a “wellness guru”
  • A lean, toned or thin body
  • A 30 day to 12 week challenge of any sort
  • To train for an extreme fitness challenge, event or marathon
  • To track “macros”, calories or your food using an app or other device
  • A NutriBullet or other “health” food kitchen appliance
  • To restrict carbs or to eat kale
  • A food or body “detox”

Of course you could partake in any of these if that’s what feels right for you and they truly align with your values in life. I’m not saying it’s wrong to do these things, but if you’d prefer not to, or you struggle to maintain them, then the good news is they are not necessary in order for to take care of your health.

If the pursuit of any these goals leaves you feeling not good enough, inadequate or with a sense of failure, then the shame you experience with this is actually damaging to both your psychological and physical health. Also, if pursuing these goals interferes with any of the 10 necessary things, then there’s a very good chance they are not making you healthier or happier.