If you have struggled in the past to lose weight and keep it off, then you are not alone and you have come to right place.

At love what you eat, the approach we use to help you gain control of your health is different to most other health programs; you don’t have to diet, follow a meal plan, keep a food diary, weigh your food or be weighed yourself. We prefer the non-diet approach which focuses on health over weight loss, gives you practical strategies that fit into your busy life, and which combines mindful eating and psychology based techniques that enable you to make and maintain better food choices long term.

If weight is not a concern for you, or you don’t have a medical condition, you may still be interested in ensuring your eating habits are on the right track, or you may be questioning advice you hear on TV, social media or read in magazines. These are both excellent reasons to sit down with a dietitian and get all the facts straight once and for all.

Why do we struggle with “everything in moderation”?

Why do we continually look for the “quick fix” and why doesn’t the moderation message get promoted more on TV or diet books?

The “everything in moderation” message does not excite us or grab our attention because it lacks the “wow” factor and deep down most of us already know this to be true.

It is much harder to write a book (or appear on TV) and make stacks of money off something that is already a common message, even if it is true. The “wow” factor or catchy tagline is what grabs most people’s attention.

But even more than this, moderation and balance require self-discipline and time and this requires you to make an effort. As we live in a world of instant gratification where we expect everything to happen yesterday, being told you will get results quickly with little effort is incredibly appealing even when we it know it’s probably not the best approach. Being constantly bombarded with diets or weight loss techniques that promise amazing results in only a few weeks, it’s not a wonder we so easily fall into this trap. And when these diets appear on TV or as books and are endorsed by celebrities and beautiful people, then they must work!

Dietitians are in the unique position of seeing people who have tried all the quick fixes and fad diets and have discovered that fad diets (no matter how popular) really don’t work, at least not in the long term.

One of the most rewarding aspects of being a dietitian, is helping people who have decided to put in the time and effort required to attain the discipline to achieve moderation and balance. It is these people who truly succeed in managing their health long-term.

Know what you should be doing?

Healthy eating is generally not rocket science. You may already have a general idea of the foods you could be eating more of or less of in order to nourish your body well. If you feel you know what you should to be doing, but continually struggle to do it, it may be because you are going about it the wrong way. By taking a Non-Diet Approach to dietary change, you will find it much easier to establish healthy habits you can stick to. At love what you eat, we believe the key to successful dietary change is to realise that your diet does not need to be 100% perfect all the time, you do not need to give up your favourite foods (or quit sugar), but rather learn how to enjoy all food mindfully and without feeling guilty.

Many people struggle with changing unhealthy habits and at love what you eat we understand this can be difficult and we a combination of intuitive eating, mindful eating and other psychology based techniques to help you address this.

“A healthy diet is one that allows you to eat anything you feel like. The trick is to stop and take a moment to reflect on what it is you really feel like.”