We believe the world has gone a little food and fitness mad.

20th November, 2015

It seems that almost everyone is following some sort of diet trend that restricts certain food and most women (and increasingly men), have a part of their body they’re not happy with.

We are concerned because these diet trends can turn into food obsessions and eating disorders, while many fitness trends are suggesting everyone can have a 6 pack or thigh gap if they just try hard enough.

We are also concerned because this obsession with food and our bodies is sucking the joy out of life. I have clients who are so anxious about going on beach holidays, they end up in tears in my office and almost don’t go on their holiday. I have spoken with people who no longer hold dinner parties as their friends are all avoiding one food or another.

The hardcore fitness trend, while perhaps great for some, means I now have clients who don’t exercise as walking just doesn’t seem to be enough and they’re embarrassed to be seen at the gym.

Many people believe this increased interest in food and fitness is in the name of health. But you don’t need to restrict certain food or thrash your body with intense exercise to better your health. You also don’t need a 6 pack or thigh gap to be healthy, in fact you don’t even need to lose weight or be slim to improve your health. Happy to provide the evidence if you need it.

So why this obsession with how we look and what we eat? Why this obsession with what other people are eating or doing at the gym? Could it be because we are exposed to some 2000 – 5000 images per week of the “right body”. A body which does not even exist given the ease with which we can alter digital images.

I heard something very sad and scary today. Fourteen year old girls are taking photos of themselves in bikinis and posting them on Instagram.

We don’t know about you, but we sincerely hope this does not continue. The Moderation Movement’s mission is to help change this extremism which is engulfing food, fitness and body image.

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Zoe & Jodie – The Moderation Movement