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At love what you eat, we understand that there are many different ways of eating well. We particularly like the Mediterranean style of eating as it includes many delicious foods, is flexible, easy to manage and has an abundance of proven health benefits. 

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Here are a few reasons we love
this way of eating:

1. You get to use lots of extra virgin olive oil – this helps makes vegetable and legume dishes much tastier and you’ll find it easier to eat more veggies and legumes!

2. Full fat Greek yoghurt – we speak to many people who feel guilty about enjoying full fat yogurt; with this way of eating, feel guilty no longer!

3. Feta/goats cheese daily – a little feta or goats cheese added to salads, wraps and vegetable dishes really adds a delicious flavour and yummy creamy texture. The Mediterranean style diet suggests using daily.

4. There is a HUGE emphasis on vegetables, the one food group we constantly harp on about and the one food group EVERYBODY agrees is healthy. The advantage with the Mediterranean style diet is being able to toss your veggies in lots of olive oil which makes them just delicious!