There are so many opinions on what we should or shouldn’t eat, that at times it can feel exhausting!

24th August, 2017

There’s a good reason there are so many different opinions and why one person will say eat these foods, while another says stay away from those foods… and that’s because there is no one right way to eat.

However you choose to eat, provided you are getting adequate nutrition and pleasure, you can manage that style of eating under different circumstances and it doesn’t take you away from enjoying food socially, this may well be what works for you. But please be aware that what works for you, may not work – or may even be harmful – to others.

If you enjoy fasting, then fast (just make sure you eat too!).

If you enjoy eating every few hours, then do so.

If you enjoy eating Paleo, sugar free or raw, then go for it.

If you enjoy having sweet foods in your diet, then have them.

If you’re like me and you really enjoy bread, pizza, chips and cheese, then include these foods when you truly feel like eating them.

If you’re someone who struggles with food, you feel you need to avoid certain food otherwise you’ll binge, you experience emotional distress with some food or perhaps you have a health issue you feel precludes some foods; then I would encourage you take a step back from all the noise around what we should and shouldn’t eat. Take a moment to try and listen to your body to work out what it is that feels right for you. Some people will find this challenging, even impossible, due to living in a world where being stuck in our own head and disconnected from our body is not unusual. If this is you, you may well benefit from learning how to reconnect with your body and what feels right for you. There are many ways to do this and you feel you need some direction, please leave a comment.