Getting fit/losing weight. Should you make it a New Years resolution?

1st April, 2021

A: probably not.


While around 50% of Australians make a New Year’s resolution, most people (88% according to one report) don’t follow through with it.

New Year’s resolutions are often black and white… “I’ll stop eating junk food”, “I’ll cut out sugar”, “No more fatty food”, “I’ll run a marathon”. They imply going without or starting something you wouldn’t normally choose to do.

Looking after your health is not black and white, does not require going without or having to do something you don’t enjoy.

Most people are unable to sustain black and white changes, usually because they don’t really want to (perfectly understandable) and because they are not always practical in day to day life.

For example, cutting out sugar may seem easy until it’s your child’s birthday or until you find yourself at your favourite restaurant serving your favourite dessert. Cutting out fatty food may seem doable until you find yourself on holidays and wanting to enjoy a drink and some hot chips in the sun (a favourite of mine).

Rather than black and white statements, getting fit and losing weight requires behaviour change. It requires finding a balance between eating well most of the time and being able to enjoy some indulgences when the moment calls for it.

So rather than make New Year’s resolutions, start thinking about how to improve your day to day eating and how to be more physically active on a regular basis.

Not sure where to start? Have you ever considered seeing a dietitian? This is exactly what we can help you with.

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