Addressing the psychology behind your eating.

If you feel you know what you “should” to be doing, but continually struggle to do it, it may be because you have set the bar too high and you need to reassess what “should” actually means. Most people need to significantly change the way they think about food, and how they eat, in order to really start changing eating habits. As part of the Intuitive Eating process, our dietitians use a combination of re-education around food, health coaching techniques and counselling skills (see below) to help rewire your brain to think about food differently. It is the combination of these valuable consulting skills that have proven to be successful with many happy clients.


A word from us…    

Healthy eating is generally not rocket science. Many of the clients we see already have a good idea of what they could change to improve their nutrition and health. Therefore, the issue is usually not a lack of knowledge of what to eat or what to change, but rather a struggle to understand what is driving your eating or exercises behaviours. Until this is addressed, you may find it difficult to make long-term dietary and exercise changes. It is also for this reason that diets don’t work. Aside from the body being designed to defend against calorie restriction, diets generally only deal with what are you eating, rather than the reasons why.

This is where we can help you…  

Dealing with the reasons why you eat the way you do, involves behaviour change and an understanding of where your behaviours stem from. It may be a matter of learning to eat intuitively again or it may require exploring the psychology behind why you eat the way you do – usually it will be a combination of both. To help you with this, we have been trained in Health Coaching* techniques by Health Coaching Australia and Motivational Interviewing skills through Practice Pavestones. Zoe has also had training in ACT** (acceptance and commitment therapy) and advanced counselling skills through the Cairnmiller Institute.


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*Health coaching uses evidence-based psychological, counselling and coaching principles and techniques to assist people to achieve long-term behaviour change. 

**ACT is an evidence-based psychology approach which focuses on helping you deal with the sometimes unpleasant thoughts and feelings that are often a part of changing your habits and that can sabotage your efforts. ACT helps you identify your values – what is truly important and meaningful to you – and uses that knowledge to motivate you to make the necessary changes.

Our mission

“To help you stop dieting, help you rediscover the pleasure in eating and to nurture
a healthy relationship with food and your body”