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Accredited Practising Dietitians (APDs) have either done a 4 year Bachelor degree in nutrition and dietetics or a Masters degree in dietetics. Nutritionists may only have done a short course in nutrition or 3 year Bachelor degree in a health science area. Therefore, dietitians may have a higher level of education in the area of nutrition and dietetics. Accredited Nutritionists (AN) will generally have a higher level of training than a nutritionist without the accreditation. Accredited practising dietitians (APDs) are members of the Dietitians Association of Australia and are required to undergo regular professional development in order to achieve and keep their accreditation. APDs are automatically given the status of Accredited Nutritionist (AN). Hospitals and GP clinics employ APDs rather than nutritionists due to their higher level of training.

If you suspect gluten or wheat is an issue, you must undergo testing for Coeliac disease before you eliminate gluten. The first step is to see your GP and request the blood test or Coeliac serology, if you have already cut gluten out, you can ask for the Coeliac gene test. Onset of food allergy in adults is rare. Adults with known food allergy, usually nuts and shellfish, will have had the allergy since childhood. Therefore, if you are reacting to certain foods, you may have food intolerance. There are no reliable tests for food intolerance, with dietary elimination and food challenge the only method to identify intolerance. Read this document to see which allergy tests are considered unreliable and therefore a waste of money.


At love what you eat, we aim to keep your costs to a minimum. For the non-diet approach/intuitive eating, most people require an initial consultation and, in the short term, at least 4 follow up appointments which are spread over 1-2 months. While we do encourage regular follow-up longer term(monthly to every 3-6 months), ultimately the choice is yours how many sessions you attend. You may only require one or two sessions if your diet only requires a little fine-tuning. Most clients do not need to buy any additional supplements or products. For food intolerance, most people require an initial consultation and at least 3 follow up appointment which are spread over 3-4 months. One additional cost is the RPAH elimination handbook ($30) should you need it.