Every year we hear about different food trends and which will be the next best ones.

17th November, 2016

There are a million and one different ways to eat well and there is no one diet that will guarantee health. This is something I often say to clients.

If you enjoy a variety of core food group foods you increase your chance of getting all the nutrition your body needs.

Enjoying something sweet or fried is not going to take away from this.

Going out of your away to avoid food that is sweetened or fried may not benefit your health any more than if you ate them. If trying to avoid some food increases your anxiety around food, or leaves you in a pattern of restrict then going nuts on the food, I can guarantee the avoidance of these foods is not benefitting your health.

Health is also much more complex than just the nutrition we put into our bodies. Social connection, relationships with others, how we feel within ourselves and our psychological wellbeing are all vital to health. However you choose to eat, consider the impact on these factors as well as the nutrition and ask yourself; “Am I nurturing all of these with my food choices?”