2 for the price of 1 is not a bargain…

5th September, 2013

chocolate bars“I was inspired to write this post after waiting in line to pay for petrol yesterday, all around me were packets of lollies, chocolate bars and soft-drinks and I was told I could buy one chocolate bar and get the 2nd one for just $1.”


Do you ever fall into the trap of buying 2 of something because the second one is half price?

Chocolate, sweet biscuits, chips and soft-drinks are often sold like this. But if you didn’t need the food in the first place (or you intended 1 block of chocolate to last a week but instead eat 2 in a week), then it is not a saving! 

Having twice as much can mean you don’t ration it out as carefully and end up eating more over the same period. If you are prone to little binges then there’s a good chance you’ll binge on twice as much.

So by only buying one block of chocolate or packet of biscuits/chips, you not only save your money, you also also end up taking better care of your health. By minimising your chance of over-eating less healthy food, or of having a binge, you will also likely feel better about yourself.

Next time your shopping, make your choice because it’s what you really want, not because it’s on sale. The same applies to shoes and clothes too!

Also, next time you’re buying petrol, look around at the “food” on sale and have a good hard think about what our food supply is encouraging people to eat and the health of our nation.