Your body does NOT need to “detox” or “cleanse”.

If I see one more picture with someone displaying their six pack and holding a smoothie, I am going to SCREAM!!! The main reason I still haven’t tried a green smoothie is due the false idea that they will magically “cleanse” or “enhance” your body in some way and that bugs me. I’ve actually heard they can be quite tasty.

The only cleansing your body needs is a shower once a day. Your liver and kidneys are perfectly capable of performing any “detoxing” your body needs to do.


There are numerous “health” products being sold that claim to remove toxins and impurities from your body, boost your energy and of course, help you lose weight and get that “ripped” look.

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Many of these products even claim they have been “clinically proven” (whatever that really means). Now, I don’t know about you, but I can have trouble differentiating reliable evidence from unreliable evidence. What I do know is that the overwhelming majority of these “clinically proven” products do not stand up to the claims they make when properly scrutinised.

If you are considering the latest weight loss or “wellness” product, take a moment to reflect on what other “detoxes” or “cleanses” you have tried. If you have tried others, my question to you is, if they are so successful, why do you need to do another one?

If your diet is such that you feel you need to “detox” every so often, then wouldn’t it make more sense to take a moment to consider why you’re eating in a way that leaves you feeling unwell or ughh…? If you swing between eating in a way that leaves you feeling ughh and “detoxing”, then chances are this is damaging your relationship with food and actually exacerbating the eating poorly which only leaves you wanting to “detox” again. Vicious circle.

By letting go of the diet mentality and learning to eat intuitively and enjoy all foods, your body will never need “detox” and you won’t be shelling out money on some fancy product which is simply not necessary and only ever a short-term solution.

If you have lost weight and felt better on a “detox”, it is not due to the specific product, it is because you changed your diet, most likely eating less highly processed food and consuming more fresh fruit and vegetables. You may even have eaten more mindfully due to putting more thought into your food choices.

Stop wasting money on heavily marketed products that you know deep down aren’t really the solution. Instead, consider what you might need to do in order manage your eating better on a day to day basis. Reconnecting with your appetite (hunger and fullness) is both an empowering and liberating way to start changing the way you eat for life. Dietitians who use the Non-Diet and Intuitive Eating Approach can help you do this.

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